Our Story

Our Story

Dear dreamers, adventure seeking fun lovers and fellow rule breakers…

Sailing, diving, flying and travelling around the world with my lovely wife, that’s how we spent the first ten years of our working lives. We enjoyed a truly majestic, beautiful, awe-inspiring and humbling existence.

Leaving this life to start a family in the city we suddenly found ourselves as desk jockeys (another ten years gone by) wondering what the hell happened. Not without its beauty and fun, we needed to bust out large to do something new and exciting……

Bust out large, like with superhero tights, a cape and rockets on our roller skates, if you know what I mean!!!

That cliche ‘do what you love’ ringing in my ears from dad’s motivational encouragement years gone by. I thought ‘ok let’s do this’…paper, pencil in hand, scratching out thoughts…..


…colours and textures of nature from the temperate rain forests of Canada, the green fields of England to vibrant glow of the fish on a Red Sea reef,

…sun, sand, beach… that warm Mediterranean breeze gently ruffling nice soft textured linen against your skin as you lay in a hammock hearing the waves roll,

…taste and smell… the hustle of a local farmers market or exotic Turkish spice bazaar…

‘Weave’ all that into two words….adventure……fun….

We decided to distil these elements into colorful, durable, unique Tad Pepper bags;

that trusty, humble, unsung-hero sidekick (the bag that is) helping on your grand adventure, big or small.

 Sound ridiculous?

It’s pleasantly ridiculous and totally possible…enter Tad Pepper!

One foot in front of the other Tad Pepper is on a mission to bring you beautiful bags that power-up your fun, fresh style.

Tad Pepper is a family business fueled by Debbie, Harriette, Cameron and Peter

Natural, environmentally sustainable, socially accountable

We're passionate about our ethics so you can feel good about our products

...we do.